Top 7 Tips for a New Cruiser

Are you finally taking the time to plan to board a cruise ship for the first time and sail away to the unknown?  I am so excited for you, because I personally know how fabulous cruises can be!  

You might be feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment, but that is perfectly normal.  After all, you need to plan carefully if you want your first cruise to be a success.  Thankfully, you have come to the right place, because I have a few tips that will make your first cruise amazing!

Top 7 Cruise Tips for a New Cruiser

1. Your Room

While you may want to spend the extra cash for a balcony room on the ship, as a first-time cruiser, it may not be worth the extra expense.  Yes, you can watch the sun, rise and set from your room, but since you have never been on a ship before, you may spend most of your time somewhere other than your room.  Save that balcony space for your second or third cruise! 

2. Dine Like a King (or Queen)

When you book your cruise, all your meals will be included at most of the restaurants and buffets on board.  Therefore, when you are at one of those included locations, you can order as much food as you want.  Try those new foods that you have always been afraid of tasting and add in one or two things you know that you love.  You will thank yourself later…

3. Keep Your Smartphone in Airplane Mode

Unless you want to get hit with a huge cellphone bill, due to roaming charges, turn your phone on airplane mode before you leave the port.  This will allow you to use it for pictures without needing to worry that your favorite game, or social media app, kept giving you updates while roaming all week long.  

4. Choose to Purchase Insurance

You never know when something will go wrong when you are traveling, and it can be worse when you are on a cruise and have access to only the onboard doctor.  If you purchase insurance prior to your trip, you will be covered if you need to be transported back home or to the nearest hospital.  

5. Take an Outlet Adapter

An outlet adapter will allow you to plug even more of your cherished devices in when you are in your room, so you never need to worry about your tablet, phone, or camera dying when you need it the most.  

6. Utilize Your Safe

Every stateroom has a safe and it is there for you to keep your valuables in.  The safes are not huge, but they do a good job of keeping things locked up when you do not want to carry them with you.  

7. Choose the Stairs over the Elevator

Yes, you can take the elevator to the Lido deck or to the show you want to see.  However, if you are only going up or down one or two decks, it will probably be faster to use the stairs.  This is a wonderful option for working off some of the extra foods you might be indulging in too! 

These seven tips will have you cruising like a pro, so give us a call today and get your first cruise booked!  We can help you find the one that fits your vacation needs the most; while allowing you to relax long before you board the ship.