5 Reasons Why You Should Stay On Property at Walt Disney World

There are so many hotels within Orlando and while almost any of them are worthy of a stay, there is something more magical when you choose a hotel on Walt Disney property.  While you may think that the cost of a Disney hotel is going to be way more than some of the other options, I can tell you that that is usually not the case.  There are times when you can pay less for a hotel on Walt Disney World property than you would off-site.  

  1. Extra Time

When you choose to stay on property at Walt Disney World, you get to enjoy extra time in all the parks.  Every single day, at least one of the parks offers Extra Magic Hours.  The times vary with either an extra hour in the morning or an extra two hours at night, so you will want to check to see when those hours will be during your visit.  

2. The Location

If you are traveling with little kids who need naps, or even bigger kids who need a little downtime during the day, a room on Walt Disney World property is going to be a gamechanger for you!  Instead of finding your car and driving back to your hotel room, you can simply walk, or hop onto the boat, monorail, or bus and be there in no time at all.  You won’t need to search for a parking spot upon your return either, you can just take the same mode of transportation back again.  

3. Head of the Line for the FastPass and all Disney Dining Reservations

When you stay on property at Walt Disney World, you get to book your FastPass sixty days in advance and your dining reservations one hundred and eighty-seven days in advance.  Those who stay off property cannot book their FastPass until thirty days in advance and their dining reservations can only be done one hundred and eighty days in advance.  

4. Free MagicBands

Only resort guests receive MagicBands and if you are thinking, “so what??”, you will understand why these are so important in a minute.  Imagine using this wristband to open your hotel room door, as your FastPass, and to enter the park.  Instead of carrying around multiple keys and tickets, everything you need is right inside the electronics of this MagicBand.  Plus, you can choose a four-digit pin, so you can make purchases in many places without carrying around credit cards or cash.

5. Free Transportation

When you stay on property at Walt Disney World, you get access to the free transportation provided by Disney’s Magical Express.  Simply check-in with your MagicBand and you can go to and from the airport, theme parks, water parks, and even Disney Springs.  

These are the five main reasons why you should stay on property at Walt Disney World during your next stay. 

Let us know when you are ready to book your trip, or if you have any questions, because we can get you into the hotel of your dreams and plan the perfect vacation for you in no time at all!