Disney Cruise 101: Top 5 Tips for Your First Disney Cruise

Disney Dream

When it comes to Disney, we all expect nothing but the best. Therefore, it is not surprising that Disney cruises offer so much more than many of the other cruise lines. Of course, you must be aware of a few things if you really want to make your first Disney cruise as amazing as it should be. 

Top 5 Tips for Your First Disney Cruise

  1. Explore Your Options

As with any vacation, there is not a one size fits all option, so you must explore all your options before you book your first Disney cruise. There are quite a few destinations to choose from, as well as different lengths for each cruise. There are even four different cruise ships to choose from and each one offers different features you will love. 

2. Utilize the Disney Cruise App

If your family has smartphones, you must download the Disney Cruise app onto your phones before you board the ship. This app will allow you to see what the daily schedule is each day. However, it will also allow you to text everyone in your family through the app. 

3. Take Lots of Pictures and Videos

You are going to be slightly overwhelmed during your first Disney cruise, due to the plethora of things available to you. This will mean that small things like taking pictures and videos are going to slip your mind. Let this be your reminder to plan ahead and have your camera or smartphone available all the time. You don’t want to lose those precious moments that you can look back on in the future. One thing that you will want to have your video camera ready for is your boarding announcement. When you board the ship, a cast member will welcome your family over the microphone. 

4. Take Advantage of the Onboard Activities

There are so many activities going on each day on a Disney cruise ship. You can look at the schedule every day and then make your plans from there. You can even take advantage of adult activities by simply signing your kids up for the kids’ club. 

5. Explore the Ship Right Away

You may think that getting from one point of the ship to another is going to be easy, but it is more difficult to navigate these ships than you think. We recommend exploring the ship right away, so you can figure out where different areas are located. This will ensure you are not late for that activity you have been looking forward to for hours!

These are the top five tips for making your first Disney cruise amazing! Of course, we could list of dozens of other tips, so contact us if you want to hear more. We can help you plan the best Disney cruise, whether it is your first or your fifth!