A Greece Vacation-Your Next Adventure

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Greece Vacation
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Choosing vacation destinations can be really difficult, but we are going to make it really easy for you right now! A Greece Vacation perfect destination for your next adventure, and we are going to tell you why! 

Reasons Why Greece Should Be Your Next Vacation

  1. Rich History

While you can find history throughout many other destinations around the world, none of it can compare to the history you will see and experience in Greece. Athens is the perfect choice when you want the most history during your vacation, but you can always combine this city with a little island fun! A few of the must-see sites for your list include any that are on the UNESCO World Heritage list. 

Greece History
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  1. The Islands

As wonderful as history can be, sometimes you simply want sun, sand, water, and fun for your vacations. There is nothing wrong with this and Greece has you covered with all its islands. Crete is a popular choice with its miles of shoreline, but you will also find what you are craving over on Mykonos, Kefalonia, and Santorini. 

Greece Beaches,
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  1. Outdoor Adventures

Many people think of water sports when they think of vacationing in Greece, but honestly, you have so many more options! When you are not out kayaking, windsurfing, and sailing, you will find yourself cycling through the countryside and hiking in the mountains. 

Greece activities
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  1. Stunning Beaches

Since there are a lot of islands in Greece, you will have a plethora of stunning beaches to choose from during your Greek vacation. There are even beaches on the mainland, so you won’t feel like you are missing out on anything as you visit all the historical sites. You can easily visit multiple beaches every day of your vacation and still not come close to seeing them all before you return home. 

Greece Skyline
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  1. Amazing Cuisine and Drinks

You can easily eat your way around Greece during your vacation. Much of the food is fresh whole foods since this part of the world follows the Mediterranean diet. That means you can indulge and not experience the bloat and weight gain you would if you were vacationing anywhere else. A few favorites you will love include mousakka, gyros, souvlaki, and baklava. Add a Greek drink like ouzo or Mythos to your meals and you will find yourself experiencing the best Greece has to offer! 

Greek food, Greek restaurant, Greece Vacation
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These are the five main reasons why Greece should be your next vacation destination, but there are so many others! Are you finally ready to see Greece and all its beauty??

Our European Specialists are here to help you plan your next adventure. Schedule your Complimentary Vacation Consultation Today!

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