Alyssa Fisher

I know how tough it can be to plan your vacation, especially with all the options out there! My goal is to bring a high-end experience to what would have been an ordinary vacation. I specialize in all-inclusive resort vacations, the Disney Parks, Universal and custom itineraries.

For example, you just know you want to go to Ireland, well that's where I come in!  It is my favorite part to take that location and with my industry knowledge and connections, design a custom experience tailored to you including, the best tours, hidden gems and experiences to create a memorable and stress-free experience! I love coming up with all the details and making sure every detail is taken care of.



My Story

I grew up a third culture kid! That means I really got the opportunity to explore the world. The central and southern Americas were my childhood. I learned the secrets of the local people and became fluent in Spanish as we went back to our roots. Every time we would visit the United States we would go to Disney World, our oasis! I became more passionate about Disney the older I became; spending hours upon hours researching and learning all things about the parks in my free time. I realized that in making your dreams come true, my dreams come true too! 

The Rest is History....

When my sweet friends and families allowed me to book and plan their vacations,and I jumped right into the travel industry in 2021 and have been so grateful ever since!

My clients have become a part of my family and I appreciate them so much. My favorite travel memory is when I went to Hawaii. We were in traffic and just trying to get to our rental car from the airport after a long flight! The surrounding cars had their windows down, and were talking to each other. Our driver pulled his window down and was asking this other driver in his car how his day was going- in the middle of a busy freeway! I learned that your vacation and perspective is so important.  It is amazing what traveling does to our perspectives and I can’t wait to hear about the fun and unexpected moments that you have on your trip!


A Few of My Favorite adventures

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Walt Disney World




Walt Disney World







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