Top 7 Ways to Save On Your Disney Vacation

It shouldn’t be shocking that a Disney vacation is going to cost you more than a simple trip to a campground or a vacation that doesn’t include an amusement park.  However, the memories you make during a Disney vacation can be worth the higher price tag.  With that being said, there are ways you can save some cash and take a Disney vacation on a budget.  

1. Choose to Vacation During the Off-Season

School vacations, the holiday seasons, and summer months are some of the most expensive times to visit Disney.  Therefore, we recommend visiting during the off-season if you want to save some money on your Disney vacation.  If you still want to experience the Christmas season magic at Disney, choose to visit during the middle of November or beginning of December, instead of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday weeks.  

2. Choose a Disney Vacation Package

Some vacation packages can be quite pricey, but Disney has multiple options available that give you the most for the money you are spending.  Plus, you usually get a few extra perks when you book these packages, which makes them a better value for the trip of a lifetime.  

3. Use Credit Card Points

If you have a credit card that you earn points with and are paying this credit card off every single month, you can use those points to pay for part of your Disney vacation.  This will save you some money for the trip, while still allowing you to have a few extras you might not have if you were paying all in cash.  

4. Take Your Own Food to the Park

Yes, you can take your own food into the Disney parks, as long as it is already prepared and ready to eat.  The park does not supply microwaves or refrigerators, so you will want to make sure that all the foods you bring will not spoil as you are walking around or need to be heated before you eat it.  

5. Choose to Stay at a Value Resort

In case you are not aware, Disney has three different types of resorts.  They are deluxe, moderate, and value.  The value resorts are much cheaper, but you still get so many of the bells and whistles you expect from a Disney resort when you stay at them.  

6. Stay a Little Longer

Ironically enough, the longer you stay for your Disney vacation, the cheaper it will end up being per day.  Disney has a discounted ticket price for multiple day tickets and the accommodations are usually cheaper if you stay for more than a couple days too.  

7. Skip the Theme Parks for a Day or Two

There is no steadfast rule that states you must be inside a Disney theme park for every day of your vacation.  You can easily spend a day or two at the hotel’s pool or exploring Disney Springs and the Boardwalk.  This will save you some cash and still allow you to have fun during your Disney vacation.  

These are the seven best ways to save some money during a Disney vacation, but there are others that you can use as well. 

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