The Top 7 European Destinations for Food Lovers

Food is such an important part of life, especially when you are traveling, because you can try new foods that you may not have back home.  While you probably will not love everything that you eat when you travel, there are going to be many new foods that you fall in love with all around the world.  

1. Rome

Rome, Italy

Italy is one of the countries that has the best foods, so it shouldn’t be surprising that Rome made this list!  One of the best dishes within this city is cacio e pepe, which is spaghetti, Pecorino Romano cheese, and black pepper.  This is one of the main countries where you will eat so much pasta at every single meal, so be prepared. 

2. Paris

Paris, France

There is so much delectable cuisine in Paris, so once you get there, plan to eat nonstop for days!  Grab a baguette in the morning, some escargot for lunch, and don’t forget to add a pastry or two to your dinner plans.  Everything is so delicious in this city, but make sure you imbibe on a little wine when you are there as well.  

3. Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

It is all about local fresh ingredients when it comes to the dishes prepared in Copenhagen.  One of the things you must try when visiting this city is Smørrebrød, which is an open-faced sandwich.  To make this sandwich, rye bread is buttered and then covered with egg and shrimp, beef tartar, cod roe, or a plethora of other options.  Another food you must try in Copenhagen is any of the Danish cheeses that are available.  

4. London

London, England

Many people are a little wary of the food when they arrive in London, because they think it will all be tiny sandwiches served with tea.  Well, while those are popular at teatime, most meals are always comprised of dishes like fish and chips, chicken tikka masala, and the infamous Sunday roast.  

5. Tbilisi

Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and one of the first things you will smell as you wander around the city is freshly baked bread.  When you walk into a restaurant, you must order any of the roasted meats that are served with roasted vegetables.  

6. Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Berlin might be more well-known for its beer, but you can find many delicacies there as well.  There are many traditional dishes in this part of the world, but make sure you try the currywurst when you are looking for street food and the soft pretzel when you are drinking your pint of beer.  

7. Bologna

Bologna, Italy

There are so many markets in Bologna, so you will always have the ingredients you need for a delicious meal when you visit one.  While you can purchase everything to make your own meal, you can also get a prepared meal to eat while you are there.  One food you must try when visiting Bologna is tagliatelle al ragú, which is pasta with a Bolognese meat sauce.  Add a good portion of local parmesan cheese on top and you will have a dish that you will crave long into the future.  

Are you hungry and craving these foods right now?  Allow us to help you plan a trip to one of these destinations, so you can satisfy those food cravings and see a part of the world that will change your life forever.  

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