Our Favorite Gluten Free Treats at Disney Parks

Gluten free dining is increasing, not due to popularity, but the fact that so many people cannot tolerate gluten in their diets. Thankfully, restaurants, and theme parks like Disney, are stepping up and providing these gluten free people with quite a few options.

Dole Whip
This tasty cold treat is perfect for those hot days at certain Disney parks and its gluten free designation will keep you happy until it is time for your next meal.

Turkey Legs
There is nothing better than a massive turkey leg when you are starving in a Disney park. Simply grab one of these and devour it as you walk to the next ride you want to take a spin on. These are the perfect gluten free meal at Disney, because you don’t need to sit and eat it before continuing on with
your day!

Certain Cookies and Chocolate Bars
When you step foot in one of the bakeries at Disney, you shouldn’t need to look too hard to find an option that is certified as gluten free. There are eleven different types of cookies, chocolate bars, and even granola bars that do not contain gluten. Simply look for the signs or ask a friendly employee for a little assistance.

Mickey Bars
We are sure you have seen, or heard about, those Mickey shaped vanilla ice cream bars covered in chocolate. However, you may not be aware of the fact that they are gluten free! This means you get a cold treat that you can eat in almost any area of any park you are in during your Disney vacation, because these Mickey treats can be found almost everywhere.

While you can eat many of these yummy gluten free options in many of the Disney parks, you will find other options that are park specific. Basically, when you arrive at a restaurant or food cart at any Disney theme park, you will want to check to see which options are listed as gluten free. They will have a GF listed next to them, so they will be easy to spot. Of course, if you want to clarify if something is truly gluten free, you can check with a member of the staff.

A few delicious gluten free options you will want to seek out include chocolate gelato, the Whispering Canyon Café cornbread, grilled chicken sandwich BLT, and teriyaki chicken kebobs.

Simply having a gluten free diet will not exclude you from enjoying many of the foods that the Disney parks offer. You will still have plenty of options available to you wherever you go, so you are not left out while everyone else in your group is eating everything in sight.

We can help you plan your gluten free vacation at Disney, so give us a call today. Let the magic of Disney shine through as you plan your next vacation with your family!

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